Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tip #1: Study more than just the Reference Guide

Most people when studying for the exam focus only on the Reference Guide. Studying that alone will not ensure a passing grade. Be sure you know the following things before you take the exam:

- Know the different LEED products
CI: Commercial Interior
NC: New Construction
EB: Existing Building
CS: Core and Shell

- Navigate through the USGBC site: Know how to register a project and navigate the site.

- Study the LEED template: Know what is included in the templates and who signs the forms.

- CIRs: Navigate through the CIR section on the USGBC site. There were some questions on a particular CIR that was posted online.


Anonymous said...

Who does sign the templates. The individual responsible for that credit I assume.

Anonymous said...

See each credit...they are very clear.

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