Friday, August 18, 2006

Rating of LEED Study Materials

I had just taken the LEED 2.1 and passed.

In retrospect, I feel like I shouldn't have wasted time studying for some of the stuff I did [i memorized the whole point system by heart, but there were no direct questions about any particular point].

I'll rate the study materials I had used in preparation for LEED 2.1 N.C in their order of usefulness:

LEED Reference Package: basically you must skim through the whole book but make sure you pay close attention to the diagrams, equations, and charts.

Colorado Study Guide: the mock-exam is very useful in helping you get acquainted with the exam structure. It contains many topics that the Reference Package fails to address. It's a MUST READ!

Flashcards: it only helps you to remember the point system, but graphically it does not make any sense because you can't really cut it out and use as flashcards. It's not so practical. Your best bet is to download the LEED scorecard to become familiar with the point system.

ARE Forum: there are a lot of sample questions that are floating around the website.

USGBC Website: if you have access to their CIR site, make sure to skim through that section. Some questions were directly about the info on that site.


Anonymous said...

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SB said...

I am planning to take the 2.2 version of the exam. Should studying the Colorado guide be enough to pass the exam? What is the link to the ARE forum? Any other good free resources you would recommend?

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