Saturday, September 02, 2006

SS Credit 4: Alternative Transportation

You can achieve a maximum of 4 points in this section with the following sub-categories:
- public transportation access
- bicycle storage and changing rooms
- alternative fuel vehicles
- parking capacity

The most important thing about this category is to understand what FTE is, and how it is used to calculate the amount of bike storage and changing rooms needed to satisfy the minimum requirement to achieve this credit.

Equations to Remember:

FTE = Full-Time Equivalent building occupants based on a standard eight-hour workday.

Secure Bicycle Spaces [non-rez buildings] = FTE Building Occupants x 5 %
Secure Bicycle Spaces [rez buildings] = FTE Building Occupants x 15 %

Showering Facilities [non-rez buildings] = Bicycling Spaces / 8


Dave C. said...

Showering Facilities [non-rez buildings] = Bicycling Spaces / 8

According to LEED NC 2.2 changing and showering facilities for .5% of FTE.

Is this from a previous version?

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